Friday, November 6, 2009

Do You Know What Your Jig is Doing?

By Jason Sealock

I like to look at lures in the water. I constantly do this with new baits and we're going to be incorporating a "water-eye-view" into some of our product photography in future issues.

Today we took several jigs and dropped them into the tank along with a bunch of plastics to study their actions. It was pretty eye-opening.

Here are a few of our favorites:

A couple different football jigs

A flippin jig with a big Zoom Chunk

And our favorite of the day - The Talon Series Shibui Ookii Jig

Doesn't that look like a Venus Fly Trap or something. You should see it move in the water. Just unreal. We'll be doing a First Look on this jig soon! Very cool.


  1. On occasion, I do something similar on my blog. It's worth noting that skirts open up at different rates once submerged. It's almost like watching something captured by time-lapse photography. Some open really wide. Others only open out to the sides and stop. I'm not sure if that affects the strike. I could see how a skirt that opens really wide might trigger some sort of reaction bite, while at other times, might turn the bass completely off.

    What I like to do, and what is especially useful, is to submerge shaky head rigged plastics to observe their behavior. Lets me know which lures stand up and which ones droop. I know exactly what's going on at the other end of my line.

  2. That's pretty killer!